We no longer have any of Greg’s books to sell, but for historical interest, a few¬† are listed here. Some may still be available in shops in the St. Martinville area.

atch-aut-300 Atchafalaya Autumn II … hardbound, non-fiction, with over 250 color photos. Text by 14 authors … over 250 color photos …144 pages.

The long-awaited update, revision and expansion of Atchafalaya Autumn, published in 1995. This is Greg’s seventh book, and he considered it his best.

Atchafalaya Autumn II concerns the Cajun people, the wildlife and the scenery of the Basin, with 144 glossy pages. The text, besides that written by Greg, includes pieces by thirteen other writers whose views and comments on the Atchafalaya Basin experience are timely and relevant.

Atchafalaya Autumn II is a book about change, about the Cajun Culture and its struggle to survive, and about the need for restoration of the environmental health and productivity of the largest river-basin swamp system in the U.S.

the%20land%20of%20dead%20giants The Land of Dead Giants … softbound, fiction, with photos and drawings throughout … in English with full French translation, 208 pages.

psychotherapy%20for%20cajunsPsychoTherapy for Cajuns … softbound, non-fiction, with photos and drawings throughout, 96 pages.

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